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Library as a sanctuary

Stories from the library today...

Street-angels didn't need to go far today to hand out winter coats. When I looked around, there were people who were using the library as a sanctuary of sorts to protect them from their real life. We tailgated with them and handed out winter coats.
A family of women who are living in a camper and trailer desperately needed blankets and coats to stay warm.
A pregnant woman and her husband are couch surfing as he is looking for work.
A woman was crying on a bench outside the library because she just became homeless...I tried to comfort her with prayer and wrote a mini call to action for the community to come to her aid.
Everyone took what they needed to stay warm and were so grateful to handpick from a new batch of donated items.

A big thank you to the street-angels who came out today!
Also, thank you to everyone supporting our launch and donating to our nonprofit!
All funds go directly to helping the homeless. You can donate from our secure website or...

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