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Prayer immediatly answered

mini street miracle Oct 25, 2017

I witnessed a mini street-miracle!
I watched two homeless people be offered a home moments after praying together!
This is what happened...
As I was leaving the library yesterday I noticed two people who were pitching a tent near a building. I drove up and offered warm clothes, which they immediately accepted. We talked about how important it was to stay focused on getting housing before winter. Kristy and Jim said they could only afford to pay $300 a month for a room in a house, or a trailer on someone’s property. I suggested they put up a flyer in a couple of places In town and to tell every one of their intention to find a home.
Then I said, “let’s pray about it.” As we held hands in a circle and asked God that they be safe and warm in a home before winter a guy on a bike peddled up next to us when we said Amen. His name is Sam, but calls himself Cowboy and even had a hat and spurs on. Cowboy Sam recognized Jim from high school. We all talked about what we...

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