Street Angels

Serving the homeless by providing food, clothing, housing resources and kindness.


Street Angels - Be Kind

First and foremost Street Angels believe in being kind. They do not judge, they are there to help, support and serve. Street Angels go to the homeless directly on the streets. We understand that homelessness is complex, and for many it was a simple as not being able to pay rent or mortgage, due to unforeseen circumstances. We are here to help you get the help you need. In the meantime, Are you hungry? Do you need any clothes. 

Street Angels are Green

That's right! Street Angels do everything to leave as little footprint as possible. We even grow food for the homeless! Plus, we only use paper plates, paper cups and wooden sporks. We serve water from a 5 gallon drum and don't hand out bottle water. We do not use plastics or one use items. We  prepare meals for several hundred people by buying in bulk and making deep dish casseroles. 

Angels In The Kitchen

We make yummy food! We mostly use whole foods and vegetables that are baked, chopped, sauteed, mixed, seasoned, and full of flavor. We love to cook for for hundreds of people at a time and it shows. Angel Resource Connection is fully compliant with all Federal, State and County laws and codes. We cook in a commercial kitchen and all our cooks have a current food handlers card.

Women First

The plight of homeless women in Snohomish County is dismal. They no not have and emergency shelter like the Men's Gospel Mission. They can go to Ester's Place from 9-1 but then they are rigtht back out on the streets again.

Street Angels seek out homeless women to provide clothing, hygine kits and hot meals. We encourage them to get a 211 navigator and begin the process towards getting a housing voucher, which could take years! We don't give up on them, we work to gain their trust and build relationships with them.

We often serve hot meals near the Men's Gospel Mission. The women are near the Mission because they have forged a street-family of men and women who have each others backs. Many of the men are their partners and protectors.

Calling All Angels

Volunteers provide food, clothing, shelter and kindness to the homeless and those in need


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