Street Angels

Serving the homeless by providing food, clothing, housing resources and kindness.


Street Angels - Be Kind

At Angel Resource Connection, our top priority is showing compassion. We don't make judgments and aim to provide assistance, support, and service to those in need. By going directly to the streets, we acknowledge the complexity of homelessness and understand that it can stem from unforeseen circumstances.

Our goal is to help you find the necessary resources to overcome these challenges. Additionally, if you're feeling hungry or require clothing, we'd be happy to assist you with those needs.

Street Angels are Green

Absolutely! At Angel Resource Connection, our goal is to minimize our impact on the environment. To achieve this, we grow food for the homeless and use only paper plates, cups, and wooden sporks. We serve water from a 5-gallon drum and avoid distributing bottled water. Furthermore, we avoid using single-use plastics and instead prepare meals for hundreds of people by buying in bulk and cooking deep-dish casseroles. We Never leave trash behind.

Angels In The Kitchen

We specialize in creating delicious dishes using whole foods and fresh vegetables. Each dish is carefully prepared, and surprisingly most of our meals are vegan. At Angel Resource Connection, we are proud to follow all Federal, State, and County laws and codes, and our commercial kitchen is staffed with experienced cooks who hold current food handlers cards. Our commitment is to provide safe and delicious meals for those who are unsheltered. 

Women First

The situation for homeless women in Snohomish County is distressing. Street Angels actively search for these women to offer them clothing, hygiene kits, and warm meals.

Our team also motivates them to contact a 211 navigator and initiate the process of obtaining a housing voucher, which can take several years.

We persistently support and earn the trust of these women by developing meaningful relationships with them. Over time, they have formed a community of mutual support and protection where both men and women look out for one another.

Calling All Angels

Volunteers provide food, clothing, shelter and kindness to the homeless and those in need


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