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Serving the homeless by providing food, clothing, housing resources and kindness.
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Volunteer as a Street Angel

Angel Volunteers are the heart of our nonprofit. ARC sees the good in people and believes there is a touch of an angel in us: those who have resources and those who do not. We believe most people share an underlying desire to help others and do good, so ARC provides a way to serve.  Street Angels cook comfort meals and serves nearly 400 people a week. ARC also works with agencies to help the homeless find housing.
ARC says, “A homeless person only needs one solid person to help them change their lives.”


ARC has become a dependable force on the streets for the homeless, making us uniquely positioned and able to help the homeless face the challenges of COVID 19 pandemic. ARC is positioned to work with Snohomish County officials to gather ID information from the local homeless population for coordinated entry to get housing vouchers. ARC has prepared for this task, having served hundreds of individuals over the years, we know their names and faces, and they trust us. They know the days, times, and locations to meet with us to sign up for immediate relief housing.

We are honored to serve in this time of crisis and are taking all precautions to remain healthy and safe.

Monthly Be Kind Meals for kids

Once a month ARC offers Be Kind meals to 100 kids at the Boys and Girls club. ARC knows that end of the month finances can be challenging at times, so we want to share a little kindness by partnering with local restaurants to serve "Be Kind Meals".

Street Angels named it "Be Kind Meals" because we encourage kids to do acts of kindness towards each other, their family and community. So far, ARC, Alfy's Pizza, Subway, and IGA, Playa Bonita, and Jimmy John's have given Be Kind meals. 

Survival Outreach:

ARC finds people on the street who have fallen through the cracks and need the basics of food and clothes to survive. We focus on the health and well-being of the homeless and provide hygiene kits and give resources to health resources.  ARC shows up and feeds about 500 people a week hot, nutritious meals. In the winter, we provide over 3,000 people with Survival backpacks; winter coats, sleeping bags, blankets, tarps, socks, jackets, socks, gloves, scarves, and pants. We help save lives; no one should die from hypothermia. 


We build relationships with the homeless. They fill out a "Call for Help" card, giving us their names and tell us what they need. We provide them with a handout of other local resources. We don't give up on them while they are facing the most challenging time of their lives.


Moving Forward:

ARC helps the homeless get into housing! We work with other Agencies who issue housing vouchers.

Everyday Agencies issue housing vouchers then expect the homeless to complete tasks that are easy for people who have resources but are extremely difficult to achieve when you have nothing, so they lose their vouchers.


ARC is changing that! Street Angels buddy up with a homeless person who has a housing voucher and helps them get difficult tasks done. We provide; phones, bus passes, available housing, the rental application fee. We even fill the home with furniture. We also stay in touch to help them with the transition of paying bills and how to make use of their local resources.



Calling All Angels - Are You Ready to Serve?

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has. Margaret Mead


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