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Serving the homeless by providing access to housing, hot meals, and winter supplies to survive hypothermia.

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ARC has been making headlines lately! We are dedicated to helping individuals who are experiencing homelessness and believe that every person deserves access to fundamental human rights, such as food, clothing, and shelter, regardless of their housing situation. In addition to providing essential resources, we also advocate for the homeless community by working to change laws that restrict their ability to sit and rest. Our mission is to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to live with dignity and comfort, regardless of their circumstances.

 Please see our online links to the relevant stories, pictures, and media coverage on Fox 13 News and King 5 News and The Everett Herald to name a few. 



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A family facing homelessness was helped by Angel Resource Connection, who secured a donated motorhome from Olivia Bergan. The family, consisting of Courtney, Dakota, and their child, could not afford a home despite working full-time. Olivia now considers them dear friends. You can donate to ARC's Moving Forward program or donate a trailer to make a difference in the lives of families like Courtney and Dakota's.

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We recognize the difficulties that homeless individuals face in accessing soup kitchens. Our team is dedicated to making a positive impact by offering more than 200 hot and nutritious meals every week to those living on the streets We strongly believe that everyone deserves a warm meal, and we are committed to supporting the community in any way we can.

In addition, we use our vans to deliver winter supplies, including sleeping bags and warm clothing, to help individuals stay warm during the cold season. We believe that hypothermia is a preventable cause of death, which is why we aim to assist those who are without housing by providing them with warm protection. Our mission is to ensure that everyone can stay safe and comfortable, especially during the colder months.

It is both impractical and costly to criminalize homelessness. Such an approach fails to address the underlying issue of lack of housing and instead perpetuates the problem while increasing the risk of mental illness and depression.

Fines and jail time only serve to push the homeless further into poverty, as they are unable to pay the fines and end up with warrants that make it difficult to find employment or housing. Rather than criminalizing homelessness, we should focus on building trust and allowing nonprofits to serve the homeless without restrictions.

As a dedicated nonprofit with a mission to provide housing for the homeless, we believe in fostering a compassionate and inclusive community. Let's work together as a city to address this human rights issue and choose housing over handcuffs for the most vulnerable among us.


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