It's remarkable, that ARC has the ear of the IRS on behalf of the homeless!

Uncategorized Aug 13, 2020

The IRS saw ARC’s story on CNN and contacted us for insights on how they can improve how the underserved population in America get their stimulus checks.
We discussed that millions are homeless, and over 20 million more are facing losing their home due to COVID related evictions. Millions are hungry and need this money for food. Their $1200 payment, which can potentially be $2400, will save them from going over the edge into what feels like oblivion; for others, it will help them hang on.
In our second round of talks, with higher up representatives, who have the power to affect IRS policy change, I made a case explaining the importance of switching from mailing checks to mailing debit cards instead. People will immediately have full access to $1200/$2400 by simply calling the number on the back of the card and entering a 4-digit PIN.
Compared to the alternative pandemic quagmire: Due to COVID - the Department of Social Services, with a $5 ID voucher, is closed till January. Due to COVID - it takes six weeks to get an appointment with DMV to get an ID for $55, plus, you need a second form of ID like a birth certificate, or passport - if a homeless person has lost their ID, then most have lost all of their ID paperwork. Checks cannot be cashed without a State ID and/or bank account.
The Solution - IRS issued debit cards! Please!
If this switch doesn’t happen, the majority of the marginalized and´┐╝ homeless population will have a check they cannot cash that potentially gets lost or stolen. This is an avoidable tragedy.
The IRS asked me to be a part of another round of talks. I said, “Yes.” I asked if they would inform us if they decided to switch from issuing checks to debit cards. They said, “Yes.”
Let's keep improving life where we can and let God do the rest.
Your donation make a difference.
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