Be a ray of light for someone and let God do the rest.

Uncategorized Aug 11, 2020

A woman found my ARC business card on the floor of our local laundromat called Tiny Bubbles. Ironically she stages homes for a living but doesn’t have a home of her own for herself and autistic child. Due to domestic violence and COVID related shutdowns, she now lives in a tent.
She called, asking for any help as she feels adrift and lost in the pandemic mayhem.
She received a housing voucher, but it expires soon. I offered to help her. Once she signs an authorization form, ARC can step in and advocate for her and seek to secure housing.
She was also offered a house staging job but had no gas for her truck that’s packed full of her belongings. Recently a kind-hearted person handed me $40 while feeding the homeless, I offered to give her this money, so we met at Tiny Bubbles, and I handed her cash along with my promise to help get her and her child into a home before her voucher runs out. Be a ray of light for someone and let God do the rest.
Your donations help.
#showkindness #pandemic #streetangels #motherandchild #HumanityFirst #angelresourceconnection #onefamily

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