The Homeless sign up for COVID-19 Help

Uncategorized Mar 27, 2020

Angel Resource Connection (ARC) has been serving the homeless population in Snohomish, King, Skagit, and Whatcom counties since 2017. These days, local government agencies and nonprofits have shut their doors to the homeless population due to the "stay-at-home" mandate.
The homeless are understandably frightened. A limited number of social service workers or healthcare services are available to them.  Many with no phones or bus passes to get help feel hopeless.
Because of the social support offices' closure, we see that ARC has become an essential service for the homeless now more than ever.  
ARC helps the homeless battle an avoidable health crisis—hypothermia—by giving them the right winter clothes, blankets, or sleeping bags to face the harsh winter.
Homeless women do not have a dedicated emergency shelter and bath facilities, so ARC provides resources to the underserved, homeless women in Snohomish County. These women face severe problems; they have no place to lay their heads, place to shower, bathroom facilities, or place to care for their hygiene needs. Their poor hygiene is causing even more significant health problems. ARC volunteers are like foot soldiers bravely serving the part of society that is at high risk and needs protection from the elements and coronavirus. The coronavirus could spread quickly among the homeless. ARC is ready to get them the help they need.


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