Her sign said - Hungry, broke, homeless, and need summer clothes.

Uncategorized Aug 03, 2020

She was lying down on the concrete in the heat of the day with traffic on all sides.
I asked if she wanted to come with me to get something to eat or drink. She said she needed to stay on her spot, so I gave her a mask and a day-pack with food and water. She said she has a housing navigator but has been waiting for years for a place to live.
I asked how I could help.
She said, “All I need is summer clothes, these are the only clothes I own. I need to change my clothes.” I carry a stash of clothes for both men and women and gave her what I had and said a prayer. Breaks my heart.
Sometimes having a stash of essentials will help an unsheltered person more than we know.
Your donations help the homeless.
#changeofclothes #endhomelessness #stopforthehomeless #loveoneanother #carryastash

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