Be Kind Meals to Kids

Uncategorized Nov 27, 2019

Street Angels have teamed up with a dozen local restaurants to give BE KIND MEALS to about 100 kids at the Boys and Girls Club once a month.
We call it Be Kind Meals because it’s a great message to teach our children and it’s a really kind service these restaurants are doing for our kids.
We know that the end of the month finances can be challenging at times, so ARC just wants to share a little community kindness.
Today Subway made a lot of kids happy with their turkey and cheese sandwiches, plus a few people baked nearly 300 chocolate chip cookies!
School let out early today, so the kiddos were hungry and excited about all the food.  
I told them the message of the BE KIND Meals and dozens of kids wrote thank you drawings to give to Subway. We love seeing our community happy! 😀

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