A man who got my number off our van

Uncategorized Jul 31, 2020

I got a call from a man who got my number off our van while we were serving scallop potatoes to nearly 200 people today.
He said, “My taxes are paying for that park that they are loitering in and basically you are enabling a lifestyle choice. No one is making them do drugs.“
I responded, “Dozens of people who were here today are living in their cars or sleeping on the ground and terrified because they were evicted from their homes. Most unsheltered people are not drug users, they are one paycheck away from not being able to afford rent.
Because of the pandemic, it’s predicted that over 20 million people will be homeless in America by the end of summer - evections are being handed out if people can’t pay rent.
ARC provides wrap-around services, like helping the homeless sign up for their stimulus checks and housing. In the meantime people are hungry. Our goal is to get people off the streets while keeping them alive until we do.” The man said, “Humm, okay.”
Thank you for your donations - they help!
#basichumanrights #onepaycheckaway #notdrugsjustboke #pandemic #angelresourceconnection #streetangels #LordHelpUs #bias

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