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Serving the homeless by providing food, clothing, housing resources and kindness.
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Street Angels

Street Angels go to the homeless while they are on the streets to provide them with food and clothing. Most homeless people do not have the $5 bus fare to travel to and from a soup kitchen to get a meal, so we go to them. Sign up to become a Street Angel.

Angel Navigators

Angel Navigators help secure housing for the homeless through our Housing-Assist program, from finding available housing, helping fill out paperwork, making the deposit, to filling the new home with free furniture. These Angels get the job done!

Event Angels

The Event Angels bring the community together. They go the extra mile to plan clothes GiveAways at local libraries. A GiveAway Event becomes a springboard to bring the community together. Those who have resources share with those who do not.

Moving Forward Program

Angel Navigators secure housing for the homeless. We work closely with agencies who offer housing vouchers and work to secure housing for those whose vouchers are about to expire. We do the research to stay in touch with current and available housing on the market. We set up housing appointments, provide transportation and pay the housing application fee. We also help to fill the home with furniture through social media donations. We continue to offer support through our life-skill program to ensure a successful transition from being homeless to having a home.

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Angels in training - Get their wings

Our beautiful Angel Volunteers can choose to get their wings by completing online or in-person courses that provide in-depth support on how to serve the homeless and those in need. Our training will be ready after the holidays.

Volunteer Application

Angels get their Wings

Volunteers proudly get their wings serving others.


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