Tell us about your RV/Vehicle. 

Angel Resource Connection is seeking clean, working RVs, and Vehicles. 

- It must have a clean title.

- It must have no mold or leaks.

- All systems must be working.

- If it's a motorhome, it must start up and run.

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Tell us about your RV, Motorhome, or Vehicle


Who receives your donation?

-Individuals and families facing homelessness.
-Senior Citizens on a limited income who face homelessness.
-Disabled individuals.
-Individuals who park the trailer on a legal site, such as a trailer park.
-Individuals who pay monthly income to pay the monthly trailer park rent. 
-Individuals who do not use drugs or abuse alcohol 
-The recipient receives the title and becomes a homeowner! You do not receive a tax credit from Angel Resource Connection since we do not put the title in our name.  


Let's make it happen


-Fill out the short form above.
-Email or call us to review your donation.
-We will schedule a time for you to meet the recipient, sign a Bill of Sale, and sign your title.
-The recipient will legally transfer the title before the RV is moved.    
You are just a few steps away from donating your RV or vehicle and helping a family through tough times. Call us today and we'll guide you through the easy process. Thank you!

From Penelope:

"You’re not in this alone." 


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"It takes a community of caring people to be strong and stand by those who face difficult times and help them put their lives back together."
Angel Resource Connection  

"Thank you again for changing my life and helping me when I was at my lowest."


"We want to give back and make a difference in someone's life."


"If it weren't for this trailer, our family would be in a shelter or be separated."


Frequently Asked Questions

Don't wait! Donate your RV to a family who needs a home today.



You can now have peace of mind knowing that you have provided a family with a safe and comfortable home where they can rest and sleep soundly.