Changing lives - giving homeownership to the homeless

From homeless to a home of their own


Kevin gets a new home!

Donated motorhome. Kevin is a disabled senior citizen who’s lived in squalor. He was stuck in deplorable living conditions. None of the systems in his motorhome worked -no hot water and no plumbing. To top it off, the trailer was rat infested. The rats chewed through all of the wirings, making it impossible to start it and replace it with a far better home - that is, until ARC came along. We promised to get him a better home to live in, especially knowing that he took care of his four-year-old granddaughter every day while her parents worked full-time. We made an appointment with the county to have it destroyed and hired a tow truck that hauled it to the demolition site. A gentleman saw King 5 news coving out the RV/Trailer program and wanted to donate their trailer to a good cause - they chose ARC. Now Kevin has the title and is the homeowner of this beautiful Motorhome. 

Kristi gets a home!

ARC paid $8000 Kristi moves into her new trailer home! From homeless to a homeowner!
The moment we found former RN Kristi and her 16-year-old dog Benji living in a van during a heatwave, we decided to help.
In less than two weeks, Kristi became the owner of a cute trailer and secured a space at a senior trailer park—which was challenging because there are rarely any openings. We tried everything to secure a trailer space!
So many prayers were answered and then some! Here is what Kristi has to say:
"I will never be able to thank you enough for taking hold of my hand, lifting me out of a deep hole that I couldn't get out of on my own, and spending so much of your time, energy, and resources on me.
Truly, you are angels doing the work of God. I believe in a lasting friendship as well. Many, many thanks, kisses, and hugs to you all. Love, Kristi."
This is a blessed day - the beginning of a fresh start to the rest of her life. ❤️🐾

Richard gets a home!

Donated Motorhome. From homeless to an RV homeowner. A couple in Bonny Lake donated this beautiful 2006 Motorhome! They saw the Fox 13 news story and felt compelled to contact ARC and give someone a home. Richard worked as a long-haul trucker for 30 years. He is a disabled Senior and is very grateful to be given the title to this beautiful RV. ARC worked with the landlord to secure his RV spot for $700 monthly, including utilities. 
The Salvation Army referred Richard and Kristi to ARC for support. Richard and Kristi were living in their vans near empty in a Safeway parking lot. ARC filled their tanks with gas, bought them and their pets food, and put them up at Motel 6 to escape the heatwave. During this time, we quickly secured trailers for both of them. 

Audrey and Todd get a home!

Donated trailer. "My husband and I just wanted to express our gratitude. I don't see tears in his eyes very often—you touched our family in a very big way."
While serving hot meals, we met Audry and Todd, their daughter, three-year-old grandson, and golden retriever. We heard about their dire situation—their camper was stolen with everything they owned! Since then, they’ve been crammed in their car like sardines or in a motel room.
After their landlord sold their rental, this camper was their  makeshift home since they did not have enough money to put down to rent another house.
ARC paid for a motel room for five days and suppled them with food and sleeping bags.
Then a mini-miracle happened— Matt, who helped ARC earlier this week, donated a trailer! Surprisingly, it was similar to the one that was stolen.
Today, in the pouring rain, we moved the donated trailer into place and began setting it up. Aubrey said, “I love to make it cute inside; I can’t wait.”

Krystal gets a home!

ARC paid $8500
She went from being homeless for years to owning this adorable trailer. ARC paid $8000 for it and gave the title to Krystal.  She has an affordable rental agreement at a trailer park. 

Courtney and family get a home!

Donated trailer. 
They were facing being homeless until ARC stepped in and ensured they received the title to a donated motorhome. 
Courtney, who works full-time, and her partner, who also worked, could not save enough to get into a home. 
The magic happened when Courtney met Olivia Bergan, who recently lost her husband and wanted the motorhome to go to someone in need. Courtney became a homeowner, and a friendship was made.

Jason gets a home!

Donated Motorhome.
After seeing Fox News, seven people have offered to donate their trailers to the homeless and disabled.
A glance
Michael called and offered to donate a C-class RV. Sadly, his wife became disabled due to a brain tumor, so they no longer use the  camper.
Michael said, "My wife is very sympathetic to other people with head/brain injuries." So they decided to give the RV to Jacob, who is disabled due to a head injury from a motorcycle accident.
He and his German shepherd-husky mix, Nala, have been living in his car for five years. Jacob said, “Thank you again for changing my life and helping me when I was at my lowest! ❤️

Charles gets a home!

 ARC paid $7500  Disabled Senior Citizen gets the title to his new home. 
ARC replaced a run-down, dilapidated trailer for a senior citizen, Charles, so he could shower, have hot water, A/C and warmth, cook meals, and feel safe.  He said, “This home will give me a chance to live a better and longer life. I can’t thank you enough.” 

Tony and Bella get a home!

Tony and Bella get a donated home! Bella already claimed her spot! 
Teri and Chris donated this trailer to Tony, who was homeless on the streets with his dog Bella for years. 

Dan gets a home!

Disabled senior citizen - ARC paid $9000 for the trailer and gave the title to Daniel. 
Home sweet home. Dan said, “This is wonderful; you’ve given me my life back. I think I’ll live longer now. Thank you!”
ARC worked effortlessly to get him COPES care and Meals on Wheels. 

Family moves from a motel to an apartment

The parents both work full-time and still find it challenging to come up with the first month's rent and the deposit for a place. They've paid $500 a week for a one-bedroom motel room for the last eight months.
ARC found a rare rental opening at an apartment complex and put down a $700 initial deposit. An ARC  Angel volunteered her time and money to outfit the entire home with needed supplies. She gave extra attention o making the bedroom for the four-year-old little girl extra special.

Janeen gets an apartment

“I have a Home!”
“Thank you so so much you have no idea how happy I am. Thank you again for everything!”
From living in her car for years; then into a motel room, into detox, then into a home, In less than two weeks!
She worked for a large company for 30 years but had a life-threatening injury and was on pain meds. She tried to get back on her feet but has struggled for years.
When ARC met this sweet lady, she lived in her car with her three cats; we offered her a motel stay  for ten days. During this time, we searched for a trailer option, but to our surprise, an affordable apt became available, and she got it! This opportunity is extremely rare!